Zhichun Jia

I have always enjoyed sketching and designing from a young age and have always been entertained by looking at things to sketch, adding my own ideas to them. As days went by, this interest has stuck with me: I kept practicing my skills and was fascinated by renderings of 2-Dimensional sketches into 3D forms through my own thought process. Through this, it has embodied a structure of design thinking which has led to expand my passion and inspiration for ideas in design. To achieve finality in design, the process of development, testing and rethinking have been repeated to reach satisfaction.

For me the essence of design is through the designer themselves; they must enjoy the moments of solution to problems of inconveniences in life in order to create improvements in lifestyle.

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The Chopping Board


The Chopping Board; a multi-functional chopping board which homes to a set of knives as an all-in-one product for outdoor camping. The chopping board is divided into two sides that are dedicated to specific types of food to help prevent cross contamination. the main material used in this product is silicone adhesive that can be used in high-temperatures for sterilisation of oders and hygiene. The internal materials of the chopping board consist of nickel-magnetic alloy, to act as an effective fixation for the knives. All in all, this outdoor chopping board can be folded to save space within a variety of colours for customers to choose from.

Origami Seat


The origami seat which can change direction optionally to bring users a new experience and can decorate a recreation area of galleries to add interest. It is a multi-functional seating product which people can take out exhibition guides and books under the seat.Through the process of freely combining and moving the seats that shows interaction between visitors and the product. The sharp edges and corners are rounded for safety reasons in order to prevent children getting hurt. This product was used the Fibonacci sequence theory to perfectly split the overall and partial dimensions. It can be customise into different colours as well.