Zoe Nurney

Alongside a particular appreciation for elegant, organic forms, I am intrigued by the way users interact with products and services, an area which I enjoyed exploring during my internship as a packaging designer for Nestlé. I am now excited to apply and further develop the skills I have gained on this course in the field of design.

E: zoenurney@gmail.com


Illumino is a wall mounted interior light, designed to encourage playful user interaction. The panels can be individually rotated to control the intensity and direction of the light, or swiped across to produce a domino lighting effect. The use of a walnut veneer set in resin also allows a soft glow through from the LED lights behind, even when the panels are closed.

Buoy & See

Buoy & see is a kitchenware range designed to be more inclusive for users with partial sight loss, by providing a more accurate and safe cooking experience. Liquid measurement is made easier by a float which rises with the liquid level in a jug, and buoyant knife handles are easier to locate safely while washing up.