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Thomas Dickinson

BA Product Design

My passion is to create high-quality and sustainable products that are sleek and modern in appearance. When faced with challenges, I thrive on finding the next innovative solution, and particularly enjoy problem solving and refining through iteration. I look forward to furthering my skills and creating rewarding end products for consumers.

Lift | Adjustable Standing Desk

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Covid has altered the working lives of employees, who are increasingly opting to work from home. With smaller houses, consumers may often find they have little space for a home office. Where limited options for furniture and ergonomic designs can lead to back pain, low mood and hours sat in the same position.

Lift is a height-adjustable standing desk, designed to fit into small homes, with the option of being able to extend the desk for more workspace when necessary. Using locally-sourced sustainable materials, the desk has a high-quality finish. The design contains a cable tray to help create a pleasant, uncluttered atmosphere on the surface of the desk, while a specialised slot for your cables and integrated 4-Gang plug still provides easy access to power. To further enhance the consumer's experience. the desk has been developed with a small chamfer on the front for a more comfortable typing and writing experience.

This height-adjustable compact desk has the potential to help the consumer live a healthier lifestyle, as standing has been found to lower blood sugar levels and improve moods. While creating spacious working areas which can expand outwards to meet the needs of a changing workday.

Boost | Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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With a market that promotes people to buy new and trash away, e-waste is becoming more of a focus to try and reduce.

'Boost' is a portable Bluetooth speaker that aims to reduce e-waste from the speaker market. Its fully deconstructable design will allow the user to make future upgrades and repairs, helping to discourage consumers from throwing away electronics but instead modifying them, creating a speaker for life.

The speaker contains a Woofer and a tweeter, which will cover most frequencies aiming towards a bass focus clientele. The speaker also contains the latest technological features such as USB - C for fast charging, and Bluetooth 5.0 for multiple device connection. It is also water resistant, so the user doesn't have to worry about splashes whether out in the rain or chilling on the waterside.

The speaker comes with a flexible TPU shell, allowing the user to take the cover off and interchange it with different colours or send it back to the company to be recycled for an incentive. This allows the speaker to become an ever-changing product to suit every mood and personality.

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