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Kawai Lam

BA Product Design

As a designer, I am passionate about high-quality, socially-responsible and aesthetically pleasing design. My work is often animal-centred and hand-crafted, and designed with the overall aim of suitability and functionality. I believe a successful design would be based on positive interactions between customers and the product.


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Catopia is a brand of cat products with modular features. It aims to create ideal environments for indoor cats who cannot be outside because of feline diseases, age or housing conditions. Thus, domesticated cats must still express instinctual behaviours such as scratching, climbing and hiding. By satisfying cats' welfare needs, cats are less likely to show bad behaviour yet strengthen their bonds with owners. Catopia products allow indoor cats to play with or rest in a safe, joyful and comfy environment.
Catopia products are made from natural bamboo and finished with Tung oil which is non-toxic and preferred for pets, for protection against moisture. Bamboo is a safe material for cats and is highly durable, which allows multiple cats to climb or jump over. Cushions are provided as add-ons when the weather is cold. Scratch materials are 100% biodegradable and replaceable. Bridges are flexible and able to adjust angles. Hexagon platforms with simple joints that can attach to other parts.
Every cat has different personalities, such as sleeper, scratcher and adventurer. Beyond basic kits, cat owners can create configurations using our AI-powered system, which can build and preview your design.

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