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Devishi Kapoor

BSc Product Design

I am a product designer who enjoys in-depth research and observation of users to enable problem solving through ideation and development. Consistently self-developing through challenges, my ambitions lie in designing solutions in digital and physical spaces, focusing on research, innovation, usability, and experience.

Lumen Lane

Rousou_Angelos_Website_Affinity Floor Lamp_Collage.jpg

Lumen Lane is a product that transforms plain concrete flooring slabs into a luxurious lighting solution. Lumen Lane excels in it material design, combining aesthetic appeal, structural strength and innovative lighting technology.

The hospitality industry is the target audience, with the ideal application being in high-end hotels, spas, and wedding venues. As the competition in the hospitality industry intensifies, establishments are seeking ways to stand out from the crowd and create unique experiences for their guests.

Lumen Lane provides the perfect solution, allowing hotels and other hospitality venues to create stunning atmospheres that leave lasting impressions on their guests.
In addition to its aesthetic appeal, Lumen Lane offers practical benefits such as its durable construction, design for repairability and easy maintenance. Connected to solar power or directly into the mains, it has the potential to reduce electricity costs and minimize environmental impact.

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