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Will Seekins

BSc Product Design

I'm an engineering solution focused designer with a passion for sustainability. I believe no product should reach an end of life without there being a second purpose for it later down the line.


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Monitoil is an engine oil analysis sensor, that provides the user information regarding the health of their engines oil and when it needs servicing based on the condition of the oil rather than approximated manufacturer recommendations. This not only improves engine reliability but also saves the consumer capital.
I chose this project due to my enthusiasm for engineering and linking to my hobby of restoring and modifying classic cars. The inspiration came from taking my parents car for a service, the car is rarely used and the oil is clean, however the dealership still wanted to regularly service it at a significant expense. Monitoil was formed to allow the user to have a deeper understanding of what is going on within their engine. The wear of oil varies based on how the vehicle is used, so there is no 'one size fits all' approach to servicing.
The double diamond approach was taken to lead the design process as well as lots of consumer/expert interactions to gain feedback and advice throughout the project.

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