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Daisy Balasingham

BSc Product Design

My design philosophy centres around an honest approach to design through prioritising people's needs. My projects are influenced by my enthusiasm for travel and experiencing cultures. I hope to further my career and develop my skills by finding opportunities to observe the cultural impact of design worldwide.


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The importance of scalp care in achieving healthy hair is often overlooked despite the increasing popularity of skincare and haircare trends. Due to a lack of knowledge, many consumers struggle with using appropriate exfoliation methods to address various levels of dandruff on their scalp.

To improve awareness and customisation, "Roots" was designed as a personalised subscription service that utilises an online quiz to provide tailored kits. Each kit includes a scalp exfoliator with a custom number of interchangeable bristle heads and a dandruff shampoo, to suit individuals scalp type. The ergonomic design of the scalp exfoliator ensures comfortable daily use, whilst heavy material exploration ensures the bristles are effective in providing maximum efficiency. Through this service, individuals can now access the appropriate tools and knowledge to take better care of their scalp and maintain healthy hair.

The focus on user experience has resulted in an effective solution that can be discreetly embedded into consumers daily self-care routines, benefiting individuals with varying scalp conditions.

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