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Demi Atiba

BSc Product Design

I consider myself to be a problem solving designer, that enjoys using my creativity to overcome difficult situations.


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DripPowder allows users to immediately access powder when exercising, thanks to its liquid powder dispenser. Everyone can use the device easily thanks to the adjustable protective strap. It also helps in guarding the wrist of the user. This product's advantages include reduced calluses, blisters, and early eczema.

With the push of a button, the DripPowder quickly releases liquid powder. It is a liquid dispenser that is coupled with a robust, long-lasting, and adjustable cotton strap that safeguards the users' wrists and provides them with comfort when they lift weights, Climb rocks, or simply exercise.

I decided on this idea because, as a person who frequently visits the gym, I often struggle with calluses and blisters. It was suggested that I use gloves to alleviate the issue, but I realised that it wasn't natural or comfortable to hold weights while wearing gloves. Carrying powder to the gym was an additional answer. I would discover that powder was inconvenient due to the packing and the mess it would create if it was not securely sealed.

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