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Ben Lawrence

BSc Product Design

My interests in design reflect my interests away from design. A passion of mine is sport, and I am greatly interested in looking into how products are developed for this sector. I also have a keen interest in the sustainable influence that design can have on this field.


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AccessSki is a highly adjustable hand held sit ski outrigger, designed to allow users to customise the product to their individuals disabilities so that they have an improved experience when participating in snow sport activities.

The arm cuff has been designed to support the whole forearm, this removes pressure on the users wrist and supports the whole forearm. Pinch bolts allow the arm cuff to rotate to the most appropriate angle for the users arm dexterity. 'Fidlock V-Buckle' have been implemented within the design of the strap, this is a magnetic buckle which can be easily open and closed, reducing the need for a high level of hand dexterity, ensuring that users can easily lock their arm into the product.

Removable hand grips allow the user to select the most appropriate grip design for them, with the ability to move the hand grip to a range of positions which allows for the individual to find the best grip position for them.

Internal suspension within the aluminium shaft allows a small amount of movement which will cushion the impacts from uneven terrain, protecting the users shoulder from impact injuries as well as improving the comfort of the product when participating in snow sport activity.

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