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Jack Bentley

BA Product Design

I have a keen interest in the technical aspects of design, as well as creating engaging visuals. With a passion for CAD, particularly 3D modelling, I strive to develop unique products, which solve problems and provide positive user experices.

UGLI - Modular Shelving System

Rousou_Angelos_Website_Affinity Floor Lamp_Collage.jpg

Cooking meals as a student is a neccesary act, however, living in a shared house can present unique challenges. Messy workspaces and poorly desinged kitchens lead to an overwhelmingly negative experience, which in many cases, discourages students from taking the time to prepare healthy, balanced meals. This project set out to improve this experience.

After large amounts of primary research, the minimal amount of worktop space was identified as one of the main causes of an overall negative cooking experience. A solution was needed to relocate loose worktop items, freeing up space which could be utilised for food preperation. This lead to the creation of the UGLI Modular Shelving System. Having the ability to clip together in both directions, as well as stack vertically, lets this system maximise storage space in as many different kichens as possible. The push together, injection moulded design allows the product to hold a large amount of weight, as well as being as affordable as possible to a low income student market.

The bold, to the point branding strategy, stands out in a crowded market, attracting a younger audience who appreciate a brand which takes risks.

Panda - By REELÅ

Rousou_Angelos_Website_Earth Salads_Collage.jpg

This is Panda, by REELÅ, a sustainable bluetooth speaker you can trust. The speaker embodies a new language of sustainable aesthetics, designed around repairability, sustainable materials and timeless design.

The translucent polypropylene shell is injection moulded plastic, derived from renewable feedstocks. The polymer is produced from used vegetable oil, harvested from the cooking industry. This is paired with sustainably sourced bamboo, which is screwed into the shell using easy to acess slotted screws. These same screws are common throughout the construction making the speaker easy and inviting to take apart and repair.

The translucency of the speaker exposes the use of high quality internal components, featuring two, full range, three inch drivers powered by a high quality stereo amplifier. These are powered by a large 12V battery, constructed from 18650 cells which are recovered from damaged e-bikes. This fills a room with high quality sound, in a stylish and sustainable manner.

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