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Tom McNeill

BSc Product Design

I love to work on anything and everything in design. My work always has the user at the forefront and I work passionately to get the best possible outcome. My main area of interest is in developing products and interfaces that are aimed to best suit the people that use them.

Lead Solo

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Lead Solo allows lead sport climbers, to partake in lead without the need for a belay partner. The mechanical design allows the product to be simply bolted to a climbing wall and used. The simple design is extremely safe and meets multiple British Standards and can be repaired and maintained by the user. All of this keeps the cost down dramatically for the gym, and therefore, the user. Many climbers also don't trust auto-belays, therefore, based on this knowledge, the design has been created to increase user trust, and make users more relaxed when using the product.


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Every year millions of shoes needlessly end up in landfill, purely because they're difficult to separate into each individual component to recycle. However, shoe soles can be removed and recycled with ease, and when heated and compression moulded, can be made into usable products.

Re-Sole uses this manufacturing method and material to make orthopaedic insoles. These insoles allow corrections in the user's feet to improve their ankles, knees and back when standing and walking. The material also uses no adhesive, so can be recycled continuously when at the end of its life, allowing users to bring back their old insoles for further use. And at 12, the insoles are affordable to the typical target market.

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