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Daniel Boateng

BA Product Design

I am a diligent and intelligent BA Product Design University student with a passion for turning my dreams into reality. My intense creativity, and broad mindset add to my suitability as a designer. I also have the ability to create unique, functional and innovative design ideas for both the present and the future.

Access on the Go

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I have created a community based app for wheelchair users which is free to download on all mobile devices. The main goal for the app is to spread awareness towards the ongoing accessibility issues wheelchair users face on a daily basis, and most importantly, tackle accessibility complications within the transport industry and community areas. With this app, users can feels as though they are participating in making a change regarding accessibility issues for the community.

The app offers features such as an interactive GPS run map, which allows users to report, write Reviews and rate transports/venues they visit. These will be recorded and shown on the app for other app users to see. Reported issues will be fully detailed, with picture evidences included. This will allow users to foresee the specific issue which needs to be avoided.


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