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Buster Green

BSc Product Design

As a sustainable product designer, I strive to incorporate innovative technologies and manufacturing techniques in my work. I am passionate about using cutting-edge materials and mechanisms to create functional and desirable products. From ideation to manufacturing, I enjoy all aspects of the design process and thrive on problem-solving challenges.

EZT - a second chance

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The Golf industry and its governing bodies are striving to make the sport more accessible to disabled individuals. While several initiatives, such as adapted rule books and events, have been adopted to involve handicapped golfers, the available adaptable equipment on the market leaves much to be desired. That's why the goal of this project is to develop a device that would allow golfers with physical limitations to continue playing the game while adhering to golf etiquette independently.

The primary objective of this device is to accommodate the user's physical constraints and make the game more accessible and comfortable for elderly golfers or those with limited mobility or strength. Specifically, this product caters to individuals who find it difficult to reach the floor due to physical impairments, which can impact their ability to bend over while playing golf.

Back pain is a common ailment that affects many individuals, particularly those aged 55 and above. With 66% of all golfers over the age of 50, there are many golfers with back problems who may benefit from a device that could aid them in playing the game without causing further strain on their backs.

Overall, this project aims to contribute to the Golf industry's efforts to make the sport more accessible to a wider range of individuals and improve the game for elderly or physically challenged golfers.


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Microponics offers a fresh approach to growing your own greens. Up to thirty kinds of salad greens, vegetables or herbs can be grown inside and year-round. Microponics changes our relationships with how we get our food, bring it into the home, reduce food waste, food miles, and eradicate pesticides and plastic packaging. The best benefit is a better tasting and stronger flavours from your favourite salad greens, vegetables, and herbs.

The inspiration for Microponics was biophilic architecture seen in renders of future cities. We currently are very detached from where our food comes, and we will need to start getting closer to the food we grow. We need to move to a better a future where our food is more secure, regenerative and culturally appropriate.

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