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Tom Beaumont

BSc Product Design

With a background in performance technology, my drive for design comes from a desire to create new and better experiences. I use my prior engineering studies to make products from a systems level up, applying new technologies and ideas that can improve user experiences.


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Audiomap offers a new way for musicians to practice, perform and produce drum and percussion tracks without the need for large or noisy equipment. Designed for and alongside music producers, Audiomap makes the process of recording and practising drum tracks easier, convenient and expressive. With a small form factor, Audiomap takes up no unnecessary room on your desk or studio space by matching the size, feel and weight of traditional drumsticks, allowing you to play with all the expressions and imperfections of a traditional drum kit. Utilising technology concepts pioneered in the virtual reality sector, Audiomap uses a specialised camera and position-tracking technology to know the stick's exact location at all times. By using the simple and intuitive interface on the control box you can assign any location around you to an individual note or sound, allowing you to build the exact kit that you need with nothing but the space around you.


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Access is a modular bath storage panel, designed to maximise the available storage space in the bathroom and combat storage issues in the modern home.
Inspired by tiny home design, the product enables access to the cavity found around and underneath the bathtub through a range of high-quality acrylic bath panel modules. Each module is 400mm in length, and the product range includes height and width extension panels to ensure the product fits anyone's home, no matter the size or shape of their bath. The range of panels includes a bi-fold door, Balance panel or drawer panel, each creating different storage styles depending on the customer's needs.

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