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Sara Roberts

BA Product Design

Driven by a desire for change, environmental challenges are always at the forefront of my mind when designing. I endeavour towards developing creative solutions in a holistic manner, which produce meaningful and insightful user experiences.


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"Mushrooms can save the world." - Paul Stamets

With the increasing strain on the well-being of our planet, we must learn to live in different ways, harmonious with nature.
Mushrooms and mycelium are strong contenders for the production of beneficial materials. They are regenerative systems, with nutrient-providing mycelium networks, which aid the growth and maintenance of other plant life.

With an interest in this topic came the inspiration and development of Mush, a kit which encourages the creative and innovative design of environmentally beneficial products by incorporating everyday waste and mycelium in the production of new materials.
The kit is targeted towards the older years of primary schools, encouraging younger people to think more about the benefit of design and natural materials in the course of helping the planet. This is accomplished through an engaging process of design and hands-on making.

The kit consists of a simple, illustrated instructions book, and mycelium grain, held within packaging which can be easily added to the material creation once unboxed.
The possibilities with Mush are endless. From classroom dividers, study pods, and toy stacking blocks. Anything is achievable.

Mush encourages creativity and open-minded thinking through design, towards achieving a healthy future for our planet.

Interactive Walkers #CrispIn or #CrispOut Front of Shop Display

Rousou_Angelos_Website_Earth Salads_Collage.jpg

Located shopfront in large supermarkets, this POS crisp display entices consumers to purchase the multipack core flavours from a large British crisp manufacturer. People are able to choose their team and support a side of the debate; if they are #CrispIn sandwiches or #CrispOut?

The display uses voting buttons and a LED voting display, where the public can see which team is winning the debate. This will encourage more shoppers to enter their vote and support their team.

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