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Kirsty Autherson

BSc Product Design

I am a designer with an interest in finding practical solutions to real world problems. I enjoy the creative process of brainstorming initial ideas and concepts and developing them into a tangible products. Projects that challenge me to improve sustainability and include technology are of a particular interest.

S.O.S Ski pass

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Currently, wounded skiers will call ski patrol and describe their location if they require assistance. However, there are various issues with this approach, including the skier's lack of a signal or knowledge of the emergency number, as well as a language barrier to overcome. It is considerably more difficult for off-piste skiers to specify their location, causing delays in ski patrol's rescue, negatively impacting their rescue timings and potentially the recovery of the injured person.

To solve these concerns, I developed the ski pass to include a GPS locating system that can be linked to either the patroller's or dispatch officers' iPad. This GPS device is also linked to an app that shows patrollers the precise location of wounded skiers.

This eliminates the need for skiers to memorise emergency phone numbers or even carry a phone that they risk losing. The ski pass design incorporates a button that activates the GPS as well as a light that indicates that it is turned on and operational. It also features a light that indicates when it needs to be charged.

This environmentally friendly design would replace the disposable plastic ski passes that resorts currently use, as they can be handed out and charged by the resort at the welcome or help desk.

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