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Harry Ainscough

BA Product Design

During my time at NTU I have found myself designing products that help the lives of everyday people. I aim to use my creative skills to design products which improve the lives of those who use them, through evoking positive emotions and the use of clever, innovative ideas.

How might we design a cycling security product to encourage e-bike use in UK cities?

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With the rise of bikes as a serious method of everyday transport, electric bikes are becoming the most efficient way to traverse the UK?s hillier urban landscapes. However, e-bikes are three times more likely to be stolen than regular bikes, putting many people off using them for day-to-day travel. BikeLink helps to combat this, sounding an alarm and alerting your phone in the event of a theft attempt, e-bike commuters can have more peace of mind leaving their bikes out of sight as they go about their day in and around the city. With a 14mm hardened steel chain long enough to secure both wheels and the bike frame, users can utilise a motorcycle-quality lock, without having to haul it around with them. The informative BikeLink app displays active locations, allowing users to reserve a lock before they start their journey, ensuring security once they reach their destination.

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