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Aiden Ward

BSc Product Design

Being unique and ambitious are character traits I want to carry with me throughout my design career. When designing, the goal is to be innovative. This is what excites me about design and why I love what I do. I pride myself in my versatility, creativity, and my drive to always be learning.


Rousou_Angelos_Website_Affinity Floor Lamp_Collage.jpg

Mental health is an issue that is close to me. My inspiration for this idea came from my personal experiences, as well as those from numerous friends and family members who also have experienced overworking and work place stress. I developed the idea after researching the positive affects that satisfying images can have on your dopamine level and considering how I could encourage the 60 minutes of working and the 15 minute break rule. The accomponying app encourages therapeutic activities to increase the enjoyment you get at work.

Junboi Chopping Board

Rousou_Angelos_Website_Earth Salads_Collage.jpg

On average, 23 to 38-year-olds spend 13 minutes per day preparing food. As a product doesn't have to change the world or solve a major problem, I designed Junboi to make life a little easier for those with less time, so people can spend their precious time on what's important to them. I thrive in creating fun simple products that look great and function even greater.
The Junboi fits naturally into a food preparation routine. It is two chopping boards in one, so you can prepare meat and vegetables on the same board. The Junboi is designed simply, and uses only two types of material, Polypropylene, and Silicone. There are various features that had been developed through user feedback and interaction, one being a waste unit, which was found to be extremely desirable as it feels natural, creates a larger surface area for the chopping board, and easy disposal.
My process in design is to construct quickly but evaluate and reflect on what is to be improved, what I can do to take my product to the next level. I value user research highly and allow it to guide my product in the direction of the user, who are at the heart of my product, giving them back their valuable time with the simplicity of Junboi.

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