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LJ Green

BA Product Design

I'm a young designer who loves to create valuable and innovative products for my potential users. Being a hands-on person, product design has enabled me to build and practice my skills through a creative medium. I hope to continue developing through my passion for design.

Pure Golf

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Pure is driven by players and inspired by professionals. In the discovery of Pure we were able to connect with the golf industry to understand where players were experiencing frustration. Our motivation was that players perceived short game to be the most important part of the game but neglect it the most. We found that it was because it was boring and unengaging and wanted to change that. Pure is a SMART RFID system that provides players a way to visualise their performance compete head to head in a skill based game as well as train each component that makes up a short game swing. All the data Pure collects can be reviewed on the mobile app and translated onto the course. Pure has the ability to be used in all types of environments by players of all skill levels and still give its user valuable data.


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The speaker is for social environments aimed at people who love to host or share experiences. Frequency's ready for any occasion, with a design and build that was inspired by Devon based artist Chowwai Cheung who created rugged and geometric artworks. We discovered that there is nothing worse than your speaker dying half way through the night or that your forgot to bring one, this influenced our decision on the portable battery dock that gives your frequency power and a home it can go back to once your done. You can depend on Frequency to deliver what you need, with its full range audio, it doesn't matter if it's loud or mellow you'll get the audio quality you desire. We have made it possible to control your frequency using our mobile application. When in range frequency becomes completely portable, you can control the audio and its settings as well as be notified once your back in range so your battery never dies.

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