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Alex Dzaghigian Vadet

BSc Product Design

As designers our ultimate goal should be to have ideas and create things that will live longer than us. "Ars longa, vita brevis" - Art is long, life is short.

Stymphalian Kamikaze drone

Rousou_Angelos_Website_Affinity Floor Lamp_Collage.jpg

The stymphilian kamikaze drones can be categorised as small loitering munition quadcopters. The drones are designed to neutralise terrorist vehicles and infrastructure in a much more efficient and safe way when compared to current methods, leading to less collateral damage. These drones are designed to be reliably mass-produced at low cost and often operate in swarms.

The drones are semiautonomous and are flown by an operator towards a target. Once that target is spotted, a dive attack is performed at 150km/h and the drone explodes on the target with a payload of up to 4.5kg of explosives. The drones can be flown for over half an hour and cannot be stopped by signal jamming methods, or be shot down due to their speed and altitude. Anti-air missiles cost considerably more than the drones making them an unsuitable defence method.

Drones, automation, robotics and Al are undoubtedly the future of defence.

Microwaveable food tray

Rousou_Angelos_Website_Earth Salads_Collage.jpg

Microwaves only fit one plate, which is a common problem; this product solves this by providing two levels where trays or plates can be placed. Visually impaired users will be able to cook different foods simultaneously, being able to remove any foods that need less time to cook individually. The product is designed ergonomically to assist the needs of the visually impaired, allowing them to safley handle high temperatures in the microwave.

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