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Ed Mountfort

BA Furniture & Product Design

As a designer, I am thorough, open-minded, and adaptable. I am obsessed with the finest of details as, ultimately, that's where perfection lies. I take pride in producing the highest quality results and am always striving to hone my skills in all aspects the design and making processes.

Chiltern Desk

Rousou_Angelos_Website_Affinity Floor Lamp_Collage.jpg

The Chiltern desk is inspired by the bodging movement of the Chiltern woods as well as the construction and manufacturing methods of the Windsor Chair.

The handmade beech subframe is expressive of the vast Beech woodlands of the Chiltern Hills. The material properties of the wood make it perfectly suited to the process of wood turning which it undergoes during production. A durable solid ash tabletop provides the perfect workspace for any home worker in terms of practicability as well as beauty and aims to preserve the legacy of the timber despite its threat from the fast spreading disease ash dieback.

Function and subtly are at the forefront of the pieces design, thus allowing the product to fit into all types of home with a sense of ease and charm.

'Stilus' Display Shelving

Rousou_Angelos_Website_Earth Salads_Collage.jpg

The rich inspiration from De Stijl exemplifies 'Stilus'' through its grid-like structure and intersecting lines. The wall mounted piece takes pride in its plywood material choice in a very honest and expressive way. The plywood edges are used in order to express the vertical and horizontal crossing lines of the De Stijl movement, with the vertical taking dominance.
The piece was designed in order to allow the user to display heirloom or 'special' items in a playful way while also creating a talking point itself. It features a semi-concealed storage shelf, allowing the user to self-curate their display without having to remove items from the unit. 'Stilus' uses the 'Golden Ratio' in order to best create a more natural looking form in terms of proportions. The piece holds its own when empty and can be viewed as not only a display unit, but a 3 dimensional piece of art.

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