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Charlie Sissons

BSc Product Design

Living in Bahrain for 13 years, a small island in the Arabian Gulf with a diverse population, enlightened me to the importance of being culturally minded in one's approach to product design. I am excited about the future and look forward to utilising the skills I've developed at NTU to help solve design problems globally.

Funky Fingers

Rousou_Angelos_Website_Affinity Floor Lamp_Collage.jpg

FunkyFingers stimulates hand movements into captivating melodies, allowing children to create music by simply moving their fingers. This interactive and immersive experience not only fosters creativity but also helps develop fine motor skills and introduces children to musical concepts in a fun and intuitive way.

On a recent visit to Bahrain, a chance to meet with one of my old teachers gave me the inspiration to design FunkyFingers. During our meeting, she told me that she and her colleagues were noticing that many of their younger pupils were experiencing difficulty in performing simple and basic play/learning activities. She believed this was a result of school closures. As a direct consequence of lockdown, children had not developed their fine motor skills as expected at this stage in their development. I contacted other primary school teachers who also reaffirmed this phenomenon. An online search for literature on the subject gave me a deeper understanding of the situation and provided me much insight.

Primary, market and user research informed my ideation. Followed by development sketching, modelling and testing. Frequent meetings with my user group throughout ensured a fine tuned and effective final design.

Sustainable World Cup: A Collector's Dream Lucozade Bottle

Rousou_Angelos_Website_Earth Salads_Collage.jpg

'The Collector's Dream' Sport bottle is a unique and innovative promotional product that links the excitement of one the world's largest sporting events, The World Cup, with a refreshing sports drink company. The design of the bottle takes inspiration from England's football kit design, and so, not only promotes England's national team, but also the sports drink brand to an international audience.
Every bottle comes with a collectable, marble-sized plastic football, based on sixteen of the most popular jersey designs, housed internally. Customers can enjoy the challenge of collecting the full set of themed footballs. either through direct purchase or trading with others in pursuit of the '16'. Adding to the excitement, customers have the chance of finding the 'Golden Football' and winning two tickets to the World Cup Final!
The sleek, functional design and environmentally friendly materials used in production make 'The Collector's Dream' Sports bottle an attractive and sustainable choice for potential customers. By utilising the World Cup brand with its international reach, 'The Collector's Dream' bottle will have a significant impact on the lucrative sports-drink market whilst also providing customers with an enjoyable experience and a lasting memory of the event.

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