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Archie Stevens

BA Product Design

I love the process of seeing a basic sketched idea being turned into life, and the learning that happens in between. Through early-stage ideation, to prototyping; the challenge of making beauty functionable is what really excites me as achieving that is what makes for timeless, classic design.

Heathcoat Lounge Chair

Rousou_Angelos_Website_Affinity Floor Lamp_Collage.jpg

The assistive chair market is dominated by overly functiona and old-fashioned chairs that encourage dependency and loss of muscle strength. There are only a few options for younger customers who need assistance, but would prefer not to compromise their home styling.

Inspired by the concept of the high-end solo designer armchair, the Heathcoat Lounge Chair will seamlessly fit into living spaces with contemporary styling and simple colour ways. The user can continue to enjoy their carefully curated living space without being constantly reminded of their needs.

The Heathcoat Lounge Chair aims to provide real choice to extend and enhance independence within the home for younger people with knee and hip problems. Within its strong frame, it incorporates extended armrests and a flat 'perch' feature to enable the use of existing arm strength to sit and stand with dignity.

Focus on durability of build, incorporation of removable upholstered components and material choices enhance the longevity of use and sustainability of the chair.

Lume Table Lamp

Rousou_Angelos_Website_Earth Salads_Collage.jpg

As a designer, I have always been drawn to the raw aesthetic of brutalism. With the 'Lume Table Lamp', I wanted to create a piece that captures the essence of this style and brings it into contemporary interior design.

The lamp's unique combination of concrete and black painted steel creates a visual contrast between the rough and smooth textures of the materials. The concrete base provides a solid foundation for the lamp, while the steel adds a touch of elegance and sophistication.

The minimalist design of the lamp allows the materials to speak for themselves, with clean lines and subtle styling that emphasise the industrial look. The muted colours of the lamp ensure that it is a versatile piece that can blend seamlessly with any interior design.

Ultimately, Lume is the result of a passion for both brutalism and contemporary design. It is a statement piece that adds a touch of industrial edge to any interior space, while it's subtle styling ensures that it can be a versatile addition to any home.

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