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Charlotte Brockett

BSc Product Design

Fuelled by a passion for utilising design to create positive change. My focus lies within social issues; creating innovative products that also promote environmental sustainability. This can be seen in my work where I explore often overlooked or stigmatised design areas, attempting to push the boundaries of possibility.


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The prevalence of food allergies is on the rise, which leads to increased anxiety for those affected who eat outside of their homes. In a survey of people with severe food allergies, 82% of people reported feeling significant discomfort when eating in restaurants or abroad.

Designed to help reduce these feelings of anxiety, ALF was created. Inspired by recent advances in testing technology, ALF uses multiplexed lateral flow tests to detect specific food proteins and alert users to potential allergens in their food. The device is palm-sized and easily transportable, providing users with peace of mind wherever they adventure.

ALF can be used as a standalone device indicating test results using an LED system, it also pairs with a mobile app to provide users with more detailed information and to keep logs of their tests. ALF is committed to minimising its environmental impact, utilising recyclable materials and ensuring electronics are easily repairable.


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It is becoming more and more important for users to make environmentally conscientious choices in the products they use; with 45 billion menstrual products being used every year, it is important users consider a sustainable period routine.

eden. is a compact hand powered washing machine designed to ease the process of washing reusable menstrual pads for the user. The device works without power and can be used anywhere in the home, giving the user a discreet, quick and simple way to sanitise their period products. The product is predominantly made from recycled HDPE and has the capability to reduce the amount of water used when washing the pads by up to three times; when compared to methods currently used.

eden. aims to make sustainable periods more accessible to empower women of all ages and backgrounds to choose and maintain an environmentally friendly menstrual routine.

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