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Meghan Geraghty

BA Product Design

I'm a designer that is driven by creativity, but my passion for design is rooted in the joy of problem-solving and the satisfaction of seeing a project come to life. I thrive when I challenge my understanding of people and put the pieces of the puzzle together for a clear direction.

Gendered design in Combat Sports

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The goal was to understand the obstacles that female fighters face. I used the Design Squiggle as my design process, allowing me to start with an unstructured approach and refine the concept from there. After extensive research, the project led to the design of boxing gloves specifically for beginners. Through interviews with coaches, I discovered that beginners of all genders, sizes, and fitness levels often lacked quality gloves and guidance to navigate what glove is ideal for them. To address this, I chose to take a gender-neutral approach to encourage more people to participate in combat sports. The ultimate goals of this project is to close the gender gap and barriers in combat sports, increase sport participation, and innovate boxing glove design.

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