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Zachary Duncan-Johal

BA Furniture & Product Design

I focus on honesty and purity in my designs which, I find, leads to wonderfully functional products that are intuitive to use. An important part of my design language is aiming towards timeless products, achieved through restraint, and extending the product life cycle.


Rousou_Angelos_Website_Affinity Floor Lamp_Collage.jpg

The projects guiding principles were natural, comfort and longevity, giving the chair its name.

The chair has been designed to be flat packed, so the customer understands the details of the chair and has greater understanding for the design, to reduce emissions during transportation and to make replacing parts easy. The chair uses the minimum amount of material to create maximum comfort, rubber webbing providing enough flex that only loose cushions are needed so the user can easily change the covers if they want to change the appearance, extending the lifecycle and keeping the chair relevant for longer.

Natural materials have been used throughout the design so that when it does reach the end of its life it can be separated and recycled/reused much more easily than synthetic materials.

Designed with comfort in mind for our hectic modern lifestyle, Nacolo is the inviting chair that you seek after a long day of work or for 20 minute respite. Nacolo is designed to become the chair of choice.

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