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Maitri Shah

BA Product Design

I'm a designer who is fascinated by the transformative potential of products and the influence their forms have on transforming spaces. I believe that user experience is integral aspect of product development and seek to create experiences that are both functional and visually-engaging. My designs are centred on improving the user experience through fostering interaction with products.

The Bethak Collection

Rousou_Angelos_Website_Affinity Floor Lamp_Collage.jpg

Bethak is a furniture collection designed to enhance the dining experience while seated on the ground, inspired by my Gujarati culture and Indian vernacular objects. The entire collection is made of wood to symbolise the natural lifestyle the collection aims to promote. It includes a knee prop, a set of two tables: a four-seater table called Mej, and a modular smaller version that works as a versatile shelf store named Nano Mej. The Tek (knee prop) is a contemporary take on the traditional Gujarati vernacular knee prop called Dhichaniyu, designed with a modernist Indian form and an ergonomically angled top, this unique design provides comfort and support when propped under the knee while seated cross-legged, allowing for longer, more comfortable mealtimes. The collection aims to embody the essence of modern Indian aesthetics and traditions, with a perfect blend of functionality and beauty.

Acute Table Lamp

Rousou_Angelos_Website_Earth Salads_Collage.jpg

Acute' is an adaptable LED table lamp designed for the living space. The primary design focus was on flexibility and movement. Two main components of the lamp; the shade, and the arc, rotate and swivel nearly 360 degrees, enabling the user to direct light on a task or create an ambient mood when positioning the shade away.

Acute derives its name from the acute angles in the folded steel base. Drawing inspiration from origami folds, the form of the base showcases the application of sheet metal in a contemporary outcome, highlighting the material's potential to be versatile and light.

Made entirely of steel, the lamp is both robust and sustainable; the base and arc are cut from a single sheet of steel, and the lamp shade is formed from a cut, pressed steel sheet, reducing waste in production. The base has perforations that inform the folds and allow the user to form the base by hand. Moreover, the lamp consists of 3 main components that screw on together making it easy for the user to assemble.

Developed in three colour tones: a cool pastel purple, warm pastel peach, and deep green pastel, Acute aims to provide both function and flair to any interior.

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