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Alex Harwood

BSc Product Design

As a highly-driven and conscientious designer, I am motivated by the prospect of taking on new challenges. I am passionate about creating sustainable, innovative products that positively impact both the user's life and the environment. I look forward to gaining more experience in the industry and growing as a designer.

Field hockey smart tracking

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Field hockey involves highly technical skills, where technique is crucial. The angle and speed of the hockey stick are essential to controlling the ball and ensuring passes or shots are directed correctly. Recreational levels rarely receive individual feedback on this.

This stick-mounted device uses micro-sensors to track and measure the motion of the stick to detect areas for improvement in a players technique and accuracy. The app provides immediate feedback and 3D visualisations for coaches and players to interpret easily.

Additionally, sports technology is rapidly advancing but hockey-specific equipment is lacking. By integrating this technology, coaches are able to evaluate skill execution using a low-cost training aid, providing an individualistic and accessible approach for all levels.

The compact and easily detachable product can be shared between players at training sessions. The design features a plastic casing with a silicone cover and adjustable straps, making it impact resistant, waterproof, and lightweight.

Sole 2 Soul

Rousou_Angelos_Website_Earth Salads_Collage.jpg

With 22 billion pairs of shoes going into landfill each year, the multi-functional sleeping mat and seat aims to reduce a shoe manufacturer's environmental impact through repurposing post-consumer trainers, while also improving the daily lives of those who are facing unsheltered homelessness. This allows the manufacturers charity and consumers to donate to local shelters in non-monetary ways, particularly during the cost-of-living crisis. The use of up to 30 shredded EVA and PVC soles creates a low-cost, insulating, and waterproof mat which is ideal for outdoor conditions. The mat is designed to be easily carried and used as a seat during the day or a sleeping mat at night, all of which are important for the target user. To support a circular process, the mat can then be re-shredded at the end of its life to create new products.

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