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Ben Holmes

BSc Product Design

My personal interests and hobbies strongly influence my style and objectives as a designer. Through my love of mountain sports and photography, I've developed a hands-on, perfectionist attitude, backed by an eye for composition that is reflected in my work.

Mountain Rescue Medical Rucksack

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Keswick Mountain Rescue Team is one of the busiest rescue teams in the UK, with around 100 call-outs every year. I identified through empathetic research that by redesigning the Immediate Care rucksack, containing essential medical equipment, I could improve the user journey of the rescuer and consequently recude casualty discomfort and potentially fatalities.

In order to enhance the user experience and improve the efficiency of the team, I introduced a new three-part fold-out design, that offers effortless and well-organised access to its contents. Additionally, a comprehensive back system that enhances comfort and adjustability to cater to the unique preferences of each team member was added. The partitions protect unused contents from the harsh weather conditions commonly encountered in the Lake District mountains and ensures that only one door needs to be opened at any given time.

Furthermore, the backpack is equipped with a sturdy and waterproof outer shell made of X-PAC VX21 that provides reliable protection for both the interior and contents. It also includes a weather-protected compartment at the top enabling rescuers to securely store their personal belongings, such as wallets and extra clothing layers.

Collapsible Silicone Coffee Percolator

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The Lake District mountains have played a big role in influencing my hobbies and interests. Many similarities can be drawn between the experiences associated with camping and those experienced when drinking coffee. Both are seen as ways of escaping the busy day-to-day life of the modern individual, whether it be for five minutes or twenty-four hours. MyMokka is a meeting point between the two providing; an ultimate way of enjoying great-tasting coffee without the burden of a bulky, heavy device.
The silicone casing folds around the Aluminium body to protect it in the user's rucksack when not in use. The entire product can be dissassembled in order for it to be cleaned and packed away.
Designed in collaboration with an outdoor and adventure goods company, MyMokka utilises a collapsible sillicone reservoir to reduce its weight by 30% and pack size by 40%, all whilst fitting on top of other products in the range. In doing so, the total carbon footprint of the MyMokka is reduced by 20 tonnes per 5000 units sold.

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