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Drew Sharp

BSc Product Design

I am a motivated designer with a great interest in inclusive and innovative design. I aspire to go into 3D visualisation and CAD,which I have gained a passion for throughout university.

Automatic pill dispenser

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Through an intensive research process, I have understood that taking medication for chronic illnesses is a major pain point in the stress it induces for the user.
Prescription blister packaging is incredibly outdated and is long overdue a redesign to increase its longevity and reduce environmental impact.
My solution to this problem was to update the outdated pillbox and create a smart device for the home which automatically sorts and notifies you of the medication you need to take and conveniently dispenses it at the correct times. Linked with an app, medication will never run out with an automatic prescription reordering system and safe guarding system for adherence of use.

By designing an automatic pill dispenser utilising the re-fillable packaging, taking medication is made to be a stress free process and staying on top of your health becomes no longer difficult.


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Research found that as people grow older, their fine motor skills decline, resulting in neglect to their well-being.
This highlighted the importance of inclusivity. By primarily designing for people who struggle, the product becomes easier to use for everyone.
With this in mind, 'Plunge' was created as an innovative kitchen tool to make the process of food prep more efficient and comfortable. Plunge features a soft to-the-touch handle made from recycled LDPE for effortless vegetable chopping without hurting arthritic hands.
Additionally, the device is infused with an antimicrobial agent that ensures optimal hygiene, even in hard-to-reach spots. Plunge comes with freezer-safe storage containers that allow food preperation to be done in bulk, while the fully collapsible design ensures easy and compact storage, eliminating the need for repetitive setup and teardown.

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