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Jamie Jim

BA Product Design

I navigate both design and life's challenges with enthusiasm, blending creative flair and a problem-solving mindset, rooted in personal experiences. Focusing on forward-thinking, human-centred design, I champion inclusivity, diversity, and empathy in my work. I explore the why's, how's, and what if's, striving for meaningful impact and lasting connections.


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Introducing keoi, a queer health and wellness brand with a primary offering of a self-care kit to alleviate binding-related discomfort.

Binding, commonly practised by transgender men and non-binary individuals, involves compressing chest tissue using tight garments for a masculine appearance. Although providing substantial mental benefits, 97.2% of wearers experience adverse physical symptoms such as chest pain, breathing difficulties, and rib fractures. As symptom severity and prevalence escalates over time, wearers face exacerbated long-term risk due to prolonged NHS wait times for top surgery (chest tissue removal), up to a staggering 74 months.

Developed in collaboration with trans-health specialists and the community, keoi's self-care kit provides accessible, expert-informed resources to relieve the body pre, post and in-between binding, comprising of a myofascial massage ball for post-binding muscle release, an adaptable foam roller for deep stretching, and user-friendly guidance documentation. QR codes directed to keoi's website showcase animated demonstrations and targeted muscle information. Designed for new wearers, keoi hopes to establish a safe start to gender-affirming care, mitigating long-term impact.

Beyond the kit, keoi's healthcare hub website offers links to resources and curated information from trusted specialists. Through a user-led, expert-backed approach, keoi strives to empower and establish an inclusive, supportive network for holistic, gender-affirming care.


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Designed in response to the cost of living crisis, VitaPod is a pill-swallowing aid for children aged 4-5 with ARFID (Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder), an eating disorder impeding their ability to eat a diverse diet that frequently leads to nutritional deficiencies.

While supplements are free on the NHS, ARFID children often struggle with taking them due to hypersensitivities (e.g. taste, texture) caused by the disorder, necessitating the use of expensive alternatives. VitaPod helps parents avoid reliance on these costly options by improving children's ability to take pills, and therefore, the free supplements.

VitaPod's innovative angled spout naturally encourages up/down head Balance to direct tablets or capsules to the back of the throat, allowing them to be washed down easily without detection and negating unpleasant taste.

VitaPod also encourages engagement with a toy-like design and rewarding themed experience, alleviating apprehension through a familiar medium. An interactive progress tracker motivates children, culminating in a parent-provided reward after seven days while fostering positive habits. A training tool with various-sized 'planets' develops children's tolerance, through practising with progressively bigger, safe alternatives up to the required pill size.

A transformative solution, VitaPod supports families amidst the cost of living crisis, ensuring proper nutrition during crucial growth stages and preventing long-term deficiencies.

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