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Javier Oldham

BSc Product Design

I'm an eco-conscious designer who designs with the needs of the consumer in mind.

With my combined background in engineering and architecture, alongside the skill set I have acquired from Product Design, I consider myself an extremely well-rounded product designer.

Pandemic Pups: The Impact on UK Dogs

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Behavioural issues in dogs have become a bigger issue than ever before seen. This is partly due to the Covid-19 lockdowns, which caused a massive spike in separation anxiety cases found in dogs.

The Dog Sensory Board is to provides stimulation for each of a dog's senses: sight, taste, smell, and hearing. Stimulating the dog's senses can prevent behavioural issues and keep them mentally engaged. The board can hold up to four different sensory games, allowing the owner to change them out so the dogs doesn't get bored.

The product has a built-in stand which can be adjusted for the best angle, making it more ergonomic for different dog breeds. It also has the ability to be laid flat on the floor, allowing the owner to hang it on their wall out of the way.

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