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Jake Pearson

BA Product Design

My passion and strong work ethic for design enables me to progress as a designer, allowing me to gain knowledge about current trends and products in the industry. This enables me to think of new ways to develop products that will benefit people in the future.


Rousou_Angelos_Website_Affinity Floor Lamp_Collage.jpg

Throughout my life, hiking and being outdoors has always played a very important role in my decision making and has heavily influenced my designs with nature and natural forms that I come across. For my final project at university, I wanted to incorporate my passion for hiking and create a narrative that encourages new people to get involved and enjoy being outdoors as much as I do.

A durable, easy to use smart hydration bottle designed for beginner hikers to ensure correct hydration. 'Hydrate' offers a solution to one of the biggest issues beginner hikers face when starting hiking outdoors.

With electronic features allowing the user to fully program their distance, the smart hydration bottle will link to the internal memory ensuring that after a set distance has been reached an audio sensor will emit a frequency alerting the hiker it is time to drink and rehydrate. An easy-to-use interface is located on the front of the bottle that allows even beginner hikers to operate with proficiency and to be competent outdoors even in the most treacherous weather conditions.


Rousou_Angelos_Website_Earth Salads_Collage.jpg

In-person studio spaces became obsolete during the pandemic, and concequently, the design energy and colloborative passsion that was once in the studio, was now lost.
'Unity' are a set of modular stackable and individual lights to be used in studio spaces to increase sociability and bring a sense of togetherness when working collaboratively. Influenced by the pandemic, time in studios has drastically reduced and Unity encourages people to reunite once again.
The user is able to dim the light brightness's from a remote, adjusting it as needed for when focusing on work.
The different positions that the lights can be adjusted into also allow each user to have a unique experience. The different materials offer a range of options to choose from, creating a professional and effective product.

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