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Sophie Puffett

BSc Product Design

As a designer, diversity is always at the heart of my work. I am passionate about creating user-friendly products which cater to the user and envoke positive experiences when used.

Unlabelled Minds

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Unlabelled Minds is influenced by the still prevalent gender stereotyping which we see in daily life. From the research that I conducted at the beginning of my product; gender can become a part of a child's thought process from as young as 18 months old. Following the advise of experts, it was clear that if a product was introduced to children to aid in this understanding of stereotypes, it would need to be implemented as soon as possible in a child's education.

This led to the creation of Unlabelled Minds which is a 12 piece range of interchangeable figures to allow children to put themselves or a character they create into their play. It features six careers and six colours to break down stereotypes behind these elements. This product also features an educational product which will help guide children and educators to a positive outcome.

The product also has a great potential range of future development, with options to create more packs, with more careers, activities, colours and even alternate shapes to create further diversity.

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