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Luke Hedley

BSc Product Design

I am a designer with a passion for creating practical and aesthetically-pleasing products. With expertise in CAD, prototyping, and manufacturing, I am able to turn ideas into tangible solutions.

Sky Dry - The outdoor clothes dryer

Rousou_Angelos_Website_Affinity Floor Lamp_Collage.jpg

The cost of living crisis is making it challenging for people to dry clothes in an affordable and efficient way after they have been washed. Sky Dry is an outdoor clothes dryer that eliminates the risk of damage to the house and health hazards that come from drying clothes inside whilst saving space in the house. A full load of laundry can contain up to 2.5Kg of water after being washed, and drying using radiators can take up to three days. Alternatively, a tumble dryer can cost up to £1.20 per cycle. Sky Dry is a faster, sustainable and effective way to dry clothes by using fans and heaters, providing the ability to dry clothes in under 7 hours.


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Cue is a revolutionary Fluid tracking device designed for individuals with dementia. This compact gadget utilises smart sensors to send gentle reminders and tracks water intake on a progress bar throughout the day. With it's user-friendly interface and customisable settings, Cue ensures that individuals with dementia stay hydrated and healthy, promoting overall well-being.

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