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Evan Stokes

BSc Product Design

Driven by human-centered design, my passion for graphic design has led me to take on freelance projects. Drawing inspiration from my experiences in sports and travel, I strive to create designs that are both visually engaging and functional.

Pulse Recovery Sport Band

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The Pulse Recovery Sport Band is a revolutionary new device that blends heat therapy and muscle stimulation to minimise the effects of delayed onset muscle soreness that often follow intense physical exercise. By incorporating electrical muscle stimulation and vibration therapy into a sleek, comfortable band design, this product provides a comprehensive recovery experience for both athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

In addition to the band, the Pulse Recovery Sport Band also features a control app that educates users on the most effective methods to recover their muscles. With the app, users can learn proper techniques for stretching and gain information about correct nutrition which is tailored to their individual needs and workout routines.


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With an ageing population, neurodegenerative disorders are becoming increasingly common. By 2040, it is predicted that there will be over 13 million people diagnosed with a form of Parkinson's Disease. This will result in assistance products being more important than ever. In recent years, there has been a push to redesign these products for the home, however, the kitchen has been prioritised over the bathroom. Many bathroom products are clinical, garish, and look like they belong in a hospital.
Through this market opportunity, 'Fold Away's' innovative design allows for strong, lightweight product that will 'fold away' when they are not needed. The ergonomic seat provides comfort and stability, whilst the bottle caddy is carefully placed to be easily accessible by the user. Designed to include a minimal amounts of grooves, corners and indents, the Fold Away is easy to clean using household products.

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