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Molly Gurr

BSc Product Design

This year I've enjoyed delving into footwear, sustainability, sports and medical sectors, as these are all areas I'd love to pursue. I'm inspired by the crossover of science and art, and hope to continue this in a career in sports performance design.

Balance boost

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Balance Boost is a revolutionary new step in sporting equipment. Using saliva and blood samples, users can test for their hormone results which will then guide their training. Athletes often work against their cycle which can result in increased likelihood of injury and missed personal best opportunities. With Balance Boost athletes can truly get to know their hormone cycle to benefit their sporting results.

Recycled trainer

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The Recycled Trainer is designed to face fast fashion and provide a low-cost alternative to current plastic trainers. In three steps, this recycled trainer can change how companies prioritise production over the environment. Firstly, reducing the number of different materials used reduces factory time but also aids disassembly for recycling again. Secondly, using a sock-inspired design reduces the use of adhesive further supporting disassembly. Finally, many recycled materials can be applied with heat and further reducing the requirement for adhesive. Where possible, within mass manufacture limitations, every material used is between 70%-100% recycled.

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