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Freya Field

BA Furniture & Product Design

Working on a variety of projects over the course of my degree has allowed me to develop a wide skillset, making me a more adaptable designer. I enjoy designing to help aid social issues while still keeping playful design at the core of my values.

Scribble and Read

Rousou_Angelos_Website_Affinity Floor Lamp_Collage.jpg

25% of 15 year olds in the UK have a reading age of 12 or below. This statistic fuelled the narrative for this collection. Children can avoid academic challenges in secondary school if reading is promoted to them early on. The "scribble and read" collection gives a child their own reading space with a place to sit and read as well as storage, allowing them to access their books at their convenience. As a result, they feel like they have more ownership over this aspect of their routine, which psychologically motivates them to read more. One side of the top panels of the furniture is left blank for children to decorate any way they choose, while the other side uses a book spine inspired print to encourage the child to keep track of the books they have read. To reach a larger demographic of children, "scribble and read" can be utilised in educational settings like classrooms or libraries but can also be used in a domestic setting. Made completely from cardboard , the collection is easily recyclable, affordable to purchase, and simple to assemble.

0121 - Table Collection

Rousou_Angelos_Website_Earth Salads_Collage.jpg

I place great importance on family and heritage, which I aimed to convey through my design. I hold a lot of pride in my hometown, Birmingham, so decided to use this as the basis for my work. After wandering the city in search of inspiration, I discovered more about the rich history of the Birmingham canal systems and it's vital impact on the industrial revolution within the UK.

Expanding on this, 0121 is a collection of tables named after the Birmingham telephone area code. The use of steel references Birmingham's industrial history surrounding steelworks and also connects to the fact that steel is the material most utilised within the canal boating industry. The dual level table tops are inspired by the continuously changing water levels at a canal lock and the rope provides a softer contrast to the steel structure, just as it does within the canals.

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