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Priten Chauhan

BSc Product Design

I am driven to create impactful products that prioritise the needs and wellbeing of the user to a professional standard. My passion for medical design has led me to focus on projects that can positively impact the lives of users and those around them.

Device Sanitisation Indicators

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The COVID-19 pandemic created additional emphasis for medical staff to sanitise the surfaces they work on. Non-clinical digital devices often went under the radar due to the increased time pressures on medical staff, however, they can harbour just as much - if not more, bacteria than a flat surface due to the large surface area, number of crevasses and consistent use between several medical staff. Devices are required to be sanitised before and after use, however this is rarely done and if it was, staff never knew how well or recently it was done, creating anxiety.
These sanitisation indicators make use of a smart material that becomes transparent when wiped with an anti-bacterial cloth and gradually returns to white as the cleaning solution dries off, indicating the device needs to be sanitised again. The indicators can resist abrasion from anti-bacterial wipes, cost no more than 0.8p and can be adhered to several devices such as keyboards, tablets and phones. The development of this product has provided opportunity to be scaled in to education and hospitality sectors.
One wipe is all it can take, be clear on device hygiene.


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Having found that over 50% of consumers were concerned about bacteria within their kitchen cleaning products, it became apparent that people were regularly throwing away products for preventable reasons. Sation targets two focus points that surveyed users were most concerned about; sanitisation of kitchen cleaning fabrics and organisation of cleaning detergents. As a result, Sation houses a unique disinfection and drying dome for kitchen cleaning fabrics as well as a storage column for the user to refill and dispense liquid hand wash, anti-bacterial surface spray and dish detergent. Additionally, each unit sold would be supplied with an informative cleaning guide to educate users of good cleaning practices to ensure harmful bacteria is eradicated and prevented within the kitchen. To reduce the amount of raw polymer used, certain components are made with polymers blended with waste rice husk fibres to increase structural strength and aesthetic appeal.

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