About our course

This course focuses on developing innovative designs for the consumer market, in areas of commercial and domestic furniture, interiors, lighting and homewares.

Our course is a designer-centred programme, encouraging us to develop our own individual style, vision and philosophy. We spend time developing concepts and learning about principles of effective design. We explore ideas through drawing, model making, computer aided design, prototyping scale and full-size realisations of our designs.

Explore the work designed and developed by the BA FPD design cohort of 2019-20 If you have any queries about any of the students work or the degree show please don't hesitate to contact us.

Students work 2019-20

Ben Whittaker

Lily Dean

Kate Scarlet McCormack

Georgia Cook

Emily Black

Jacob Collier

Robert Charles Keith

Lara Smith

Cheuk Hei Wong (Jacky)

Phoebe Menear

Ashley Remelie

Robbie Lightfoot

Pearl Cavaney

Alex Bock

Daria Tuzova

William John Devlin

Darya Pollock

Charlie Dicksee

Kate O'Rafferty

Chloe-Ruth Wood

Lynzi Ryans

Sam Simmonds

Edward Parsons

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