Aashi Gupta

I am an ambitious designer with an aim to design products that provide solutions to a broad set of challenges and problems, and ameliorate and revolutionise human life. I believe as designers we have a responsibility to make the world a better place.

I enjoy challenges and have a strong work ethic, with every new challenge i expand my design boundaries and step a foot forward in this ever developing design world.

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‘Chillit’? Cook chillas and chill with your family. How often do families come together to share a meal? In this generation families have reduced spending quality time with each other. This kitchen-dining equipment is designed to bring families closer to strengthen their relationship and connection, by providing them a dining experience that combines the process of cooking and eating.

Designed for the Indian market, the product targets the Indian families who have lost their family connection, encouraging them to come on the dining table and cook & eat chillas together. Chilla, an Indian delicacy that is appetising, nutritional and easy to cook relished with vegetable fillings.
Family members can cook chillas by pouring the batter on the hot plate and cook their vegetable fillings by sautéing vegetables in their personal pans. Making the process fun by cooking different shaped chillas engages the younger generation, giving each member their own pan for sautéing vegetables as per their personal taste preference (veg or non veg).

This simple, minimal design has the potential to revolutionise meal experiences in India. Creating a pleasant interactive dining experience that is first of its kind in the Indian market.

Secondary shoe packaging

A shoe box or a shoe storage? This secondary use shoe packaging can be used to store shoes, thus saving money invested to buy expensive shoe racks.
Designed for university going students who live far away from their homes in small student dorm rooms on a budget. Being fond of sneakers, they lack storage space and prefer not spending money on temporary use furniture pieces.

To avoid needless spending, this temporary shoe rack is perfect for students looking for temporary use storage. A minimal, functional shoe packaging where the bases can be stacked on each other to build up a shoe rack: Removing the lid, placing the base on top of the other base, stacking shoes effortlessly, makes for a simple, convenient & functional shoe storage.

Packaging comes with shoe purchases from big brands like Nike, Adidas, sketchers, Reebok etc. Separate boxes also available in university owned shops for pre-owned shoes bought from home.
Packaging accounts for 30% of the total trash, cardboard being the single largest waste product. Reusing the shoe packaging minimises the company’s environmental impact, saving natural resources.

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