Adam James Fergusson

British, multi-disciplinary Product Designer interested in creating impactful design solutions through simple and tactile experiences. Seeking to balance both functionality and aesthetics in my products is something I strive to achieve, and I believe is encapsulated through my final year projects.

I have gained experience designing products from unique user perspectives at Antalis UK as a packaging technologist and enjoyed the fast, frequentative work style/process. I'm eager to learn and further my knowledge across design disciplines and am looking to better myself in industry.

+44 7792 370832

Bōdo Sideboard

A clean, minimal, Japandi inspired sideboard, designed with smaller spaces in mind. Bōdo is the combination of two popular interior staples, Scandinavian decor and Japanese minimalism. Blending the two elements together, designer Adam Fergusson hoped to capture both warmth and beauty in one elegant frame.

Bōdo, centred around its sliding door cabinet, aims to be less intrusive on user’s space whilst maintaining itself as a functioning storage piece, to drive home this narrative, Adam believed that the upcoming Japandi trend aided both his personal aesthetic aims and project outcome.

“I was trying to achieve a correct balance of maintain user space and peace of mind in smaller homes, whilst still achieving a desirable aesthetic, but also providing them with a viable storage solution. I think the calm subdued wood tone of American oak and simplicity of Japandi, along with the open storage shelf, helps to create the illusion of space whilst still allowing numerous storage options.”

Bōdo has an overall frame size of L-1200mm W-450mm H-700mm and is made from American white oak and American white oak veneer. Inspired by Japandi interior influences, Bōdo’s solid build and contrasting grain lends itself to modern living.


We live in an incredible and wonderfully diverse world. Inclusion and diversity in sports is attempting to ensure that people are given equal and fair opportunity across all disciplines, ranging from sport, to extreme sport. Adam is taking a look at how diabetics in sport can overcome certain obstacles more efficiently, and break the barriers that diabetes presents when approaching sport. Adam has designed a utility focused and user centric carry case, for blood glucose monitoring kits.

UTILITE is a more utilitarian/aesthetic approach to standard blood glucose monitoring carry kits. Utilite aims to provide safe housing, along with a diverse range of carrying opportunities, with room for customization in order to be used across many sporting disciplines. It’s hard injection mould outer shell along with its tight foam insert (giving the contents total protection), allows the Utilite to accompany the user in all-weather scenarios, whilst maintaining easy access and reliability, helping to decrease the mental impact diabetes has when undergoing sport.

UTILITE has a well-considered aesthetic approach. As fashion is quickly dominating the sporting world, with such things as athleisure and huge outdoor brands becoming mainstream clothing, Adam decided to take a clean, less intrusive aesthetic approach. Much like gym and outdoor clothing are becoming a large part of peoples everyday clothing, Utilite aims to fit seamlessly into everyday life.

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