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I am a contemporary designer, determined to make an impact with my innovative design approach and in the design Industry as a black female. I strive to create functional, environmentally friendly and life changing products. Designing products for children and those living in developing third world countries. I have experienced first-hand the difficult lifestyle faced by many third world African countries. These experiences drive my design process, facilitating inventive and life changing products specifically designed for the consumer. My work experience as a packaging technologist at Muller Yogurts and Desserts, I have learnt how to problem solve effectively with efficiency. I am excited to implicate my design skills and life experiences to evolve as a designer.

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Infinity is a clock game designed to make learning the time easy, and enjoyable for Children aged 6-9 years old. Teaching children the different stages of reading analog and digital time. Infinity encourages parent and child interaction, allowing children to develop cognitive, motor, and social skills. Parents play a role as educators for their children, there is an opening in the market for an educational clock game that promotes parent and child interaction.

Generation Alpha are not greatly confident in reading analog clocks, possibly due to the development of technology. The development of technology and digital watches has caused an increase of children struggling to read the time. According to the primary research schoolteachers find that several of the students struggle to quickly understand time, within the short weeks allocated to teach the children how to read the time. Reading analog clocks is a key essential life skill and a requirement within the national school curriculum for children.

Stage one the linear method, is the beginner’s stage on teaching the time. Stage 2 is a circular form to further develop children’s understanding of reading the time, in the form of an active game. Before advancing to stage 2 children should be confident in reading analog and digital 12 hours. Understanding of hours, minutes, seconds, estimating time and develop accuracy to the nearest minute. Infinity provides game cards designed to teach children how to read the time, following the national school curriculum. At the final stage children should have the confidence to read the 12 –24 hours. Stage 2 the game then evolves into a satisfying modern aesthetical pleasing clock.

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