Alessia Oliveri

As a designer, I am highly ambitious using every opportunity to develop personal skills. I am able to engage, communicate and work efficiently individually and within a team, in a range of environments. Design, sketching and new innovations are my passions and I am always looking for new challenges to further develop my knowledge and skills.

My invaluable experience at Viacom International Media Networks has provided the first step of my career, working within a fast-paced international business. As an eclectic designer with a passion for innovation, I am always looking to further my abilities within the design industry.

+44 7531 476019


Hero Helper Dex is a toy pushing boundaries for young children supporting educational and emotional development regarding medical conditions through play. The toy focused upon type 1 diabetes incorporates a luxurious plush, a functional and interactive injection pen, an accessory and a story and quiz book. Dex is a character like no other; providing a learning journey for children to experience locating injection sites correctly via an interactive injection pen which lights when the correct spot is found.

Made from a luxurious, plush fabric, Dex is tactically therapeutic and comforting. Dex’s soft toy stuffing, movable arms and legs, perfect size for comfort add to the weighted embrace of this toy. The yellow velvet of the injection patches and accessory bid to combat diabetic side effects of visual deterioration. The storybook brings Hero Helper Dex to life through vivid illustrations, conversations and quizzes; educating and challenging the reader about their understanding of the pressing issue of type 1 diabetes, through a fun rhythmic narrative.

Dex is not only an educational toy, but a supportive friend for all. Dex encourages young children to understand and manage life with diabetes in a child friendly way, providing children hope that they are true heroes.


Metro Mind is an initiative designed to combat the rising issues with mental health over a series of 12 free supplements within the Metro newspaper, specifically produced for the daily commuter. Metro Mind approaches stress and anxiety via an educational preventative campaign to raise awareness; strengthening mental coping mechanisms. Whether it’s a nervous commute for an important interview or day-in, day-out routine to the office, mind the mental gap.

The Metro Mind supplement aims to be informative and interactive; exploring statistics, remedies and mentally stimulating origami helping to distract the mind from worries and concerns. The supplement’s use of origami enables one to combine focus and determination into creating an art form. Once complete, the sense of accomplishment is uplifting, producing endorphins, combatting stress and anxiety levels. Take the finished origami model home and pass on the origami challenge.

This screen-free approach is a part of the wider conversation with mental health. Whether it’s preventative tips and tricks to keep calm, methods of mindfulness, or ways to boost one’s state of mind, discover Metro Mind. Challenge compete and converse with those in the commuter community. The best way to combat mental health is to talk about mental health.

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