Alice Pace

I am an innovative designer with a passion for designing solution-based products. I enjoy working with colour and bold designs using my surroundings to inspire and motivate my choices within design. Design is all around us and I consider this wherever I go. These elements of design have been factored throughout my final year at NTU designing and establishing a smart fitness brand between dog and dog owner and exploring the benefits of encouraging women into STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).
I have a hard-working ethic and enjoy gaining new skills through first-hand learning as well as benefiting from previous experience within the design industry. I am always looking to expand my design knowledge through forward thinking to become the best designer I could possibly be.

+44 7446 855416


GUTO is the smart embedded tracking device that tracks the exercise of both dog and dog owner. It is known that a well exercised dog is a happier and better-behaved dog and for people exercise not only changes a person’s body, it changes their mind, attitude and mood. GUTO achieves this bringing smart technology and exercise together creating the perfect running tracker for you and your dog. with embedded technology, the harness, running belt and elasticated lead works alongside an app to record both owners and dogs running achievements.

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