Andrew Teoh

I enjoy identifying gaps within markets and designing purposeful products that have the potential to succeed by improving the users quality of life, be it socially, environmentally or economically.

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RollSafe Rental Festival Trolley

Existing options to transport your gear at music festivals are either garden carts or sack barrows. Neither of which have been designed for festival terrain and because of this are commonly seen broken and abandoned on walkways, contributing to the festival waste problem and spoiling the user’s festival experience before it has even begun.

RollSafe has been specifically designed for festival use. It has a second handle at the front, allowing for a friend to assist with moving the load, helpful in tricky situations. The ratchet strap and extendable frame also allows it to adapt in size. Additionally, the trolley functions as a chair and the bag functions as a cooler box too, “because ya wouldn’t want a warm beer would ya?”. The quick release wheels can be removed without tools, immobilising the trolley to prevent theft. This allows the trolley to be stored outside of the tent for the duration of the festival. No tools are required to collapse or expand the trolley either, meaning you can beat the queues to get that perfect camp spot and avoid traffic jams when leaving the festival. Festival goers will be able to rent the trolley from car park entrances for a small fee, allowing first time festival goers and over-packers alike to have a stress free experience while also challenging the single-use market.


eMAT is a heated mouse mat that keeps your hands at the optimal temperature, assisting both work and play for those who suffer from poor blood circulation or cold hands in general.

As cold hands can also affect reaction times by up to 30%, the mat has been designed primarily for the professional gamer market to give them a competitive edge over opponents, which can be crucial when prize pools of up to $30 million are up for grabs. Currently players are encouraged to use hiking hand warmers for this reason, however these are flawed as it requires the user to take their hands off the keyboard to use them. This is where eMAT comes in, directly applying heat to the wrists, expanding blood vessels and increasing blood flow to the hand. Temperature is controlled through keyboard shortcuts, allowing players to do so on the fly without taking their attention away from the screen. Keyboard and mouse positioning will vary from person to person which is why the virtual interface allows users to easily chose which areas are heated.

Additionally, a standard edition was also developed for the 1 in 6 people that suffer from Raynaud’s syndrome in the UK, this condition affects blood circulation to the hands, causing pain and discomfort. The mat allows for those affected to work in comfort and is a cost-effective alternative to electric heaters that tends to dry hands out.

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