Anna Nelson

I am a designer who is motivated by innovation and solving problems. I love the process, from the initial ideas reaching the final outcome. I like to use my creativity to solve problems and create something which makes a lasting impact on its consumer. I believe that product design impacts everything.

I spent my placement year working for a company called RCL where I focused on the more technical side of design and built up my ability with technical drawing. I am excited for my career in design to expand.


Cake-It had an aim of promoting the baking activity by providing ease, convenience and accessibility. The movement of buying shelf-bought cakes has become a concern due to their added chemicals and shelf-prolonging additives. A solution to back away from this idea seemed needed. The process involved a lot of managing around how the process could be made more ‘simple’.

The product provides a service which includes all equipment needed, packed into one. This Russian-doll-like format creates a space efficient kit, keeping everything together and ready to get out when desired. The pastel colouring and modern finish manage to fit in with any kitchen style. In addition to the product, the Cake-It app is there to create a sense of community within the Cake-It consumers. A monthly subscription pack was added to the process to generate the idea of ease and convenience to the process, when regarding ingredients needed. All in all, Cake-It brings out the good side to baking and what it has to offer.

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