Becky Swift

I am a designer with a passion for bright colours, branding and bold graphics. I like to use my creativity to imagine how new brands might interact and communicate with consumers. Throughout my time at university I have developed a passion for sustainability having also completed the NTU Sustainability in Practice award focusing on the fast fashion industry.
Travelling and international cultures inspire me in design. Alongside my course I also studied Japanese and German at university and spent a year in Switzerland working with Nestle which sparked my passion for brand design, graphics and packaging.

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REFLECTION aims to change the way consumers think about buying their foundation by creating a new and interesting experience for finding and purchasing. The machine can help consumers find the perfect product for them using an interactive mirror and taking them through a few simple questions to match the formulation of the product to their skin needs and preferences.

The project was largely consumer research based, exploring the specific needs of consumers both during the experience of finding and purchasing the right make up for them and in the quality of the foundation they prefer to use. The branding was also designed to capitalise on conversations with consumers many of whom were specifically looking for summery and natural brands in the high street stores.

The system encourages consumers to return their empty bottles to get refills by placing a deposit on the bottle on first purchase therefore also making future purchases cheaper.

The machine is refrigerated and insulated with living moss to keep the natural foundations fresh.
If the future of makeup retail was to follow the trend set by REFLECTION consumers could find more personalised and natural products whist actively helping to reduce the packaging waste generated.


ADROIT is designed to bring people together using the sophisticated alure of whisky contrasted with bright colours and subtle flavours to appeal to a millennial audience.
Often whisky brands focus on telling you the history behind how their recipes have been passed through generations and the decades taken in the distilling process. The ADROIT brand shifts the focus to help consumers to tell and share their own stories instead.

The labels of the ADROIT bottles have small NFC tags so the consumers’ phone can easily scan it, bringing them to the website where they can share their story created with the drink or read others within the ADROIT community, this makes the social experience of whisky even more prevalent.

The colours and design of the brand where inspired by the neon lights of the night, the cocktail flavours and the elegance of the drink itself. The name ‘ADROIT’ meaning ‘skilful and quick’ represents qualities often looked for in whisky drinkers.

Designing a whisky brand to appeal to broader audiences can benefit the whisky industry to reach more customers, as well as benefiting the consumers by widening their experiences and introducing them to even more exciting flavours than they may have previously explored.

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