Belinda Francis

Belinda is a unique Designer who envisions making a positive difference in people’s lives and contributing to the betterment of society - as evident from her major project. She has been immersed in various cultures from having lived in four different countries which has enriched her understanding of human behaviour and appreciation of diversity. She enjoys engaging with materials with a hands on approach and has experience crafting products from woods, metals, ceramics and plastics. Her other interests include Psychology, Cooking and Palaeontology.

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The child health crisis in Mongolia is centred around the severe levels of air pollution. Ger homes which rely on coal for cooking and heating, coal mines and power plants are key contributors to the toxic air. Ordon, is an indoor haven for children between 0-2 years who live in the Ger Districts of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

Ordon features a basic, built-in air purifier containing a true HEPA and activated carbon filter that is affordable, efficient and reliable. It facilitates the healthy development of lungs during their critically vulnerable years. Children may take refuge inside the tent whilst the stove is on for cooking and heating. The external netting shields children from accidental injury from the coal fire and keeps out insects and large particulate matter – opened and closed using Velcro. Ordon features an adaptation of the classic South and South East Asian baby hammock. Designed for disassembly and is flat pack like most Ger furniture. It showcases natural and traditional materials like birch, cotton, wool and hemp whilst also incorporating modern technology. A perfect blend of the old and new, like the Gers today which are built with felt, wood and leather joints and are also powered by solar panels.


A decadent meal starts with the perfect marriage of spices and the eloquent knowledge of how to use them. Though there are plenty of Indian cooking kits in UK supermarkets, “Spice” offers total authenticity, versatility and environmental consciousness. It eliminates the common disposable plastic packaging, is healthy and adaptable for all diets and is an explosion of flavour. It is a cooking kit and service which enlightens users on the health benefits of spices, teaches them to cook quick and easy Indian meals from scratch and is a zero waste system.

Accompanied with a mobile app which contains recipes, a comprehensive directory of spices and an online forum where members can share recipes and queries to grow together on their culinary journey. The tray has a tablet and phone stand for easy viewing of the app whilst cooking. Containers are pre-filled upon purchase and are collected for refilling through the app.

Spice is a festival of flavour which can be adapted to other cuisines as the user gains confidence - a true testament of how food unites us all! Spice adds panache to your cooking and elegance to your kitchen, whilst being conscious of our environment and your health.

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