Bradley Goulding

I am a consumer-led designer, possessing a passion for improving, re-imagining and understanding the functions of everyday items. Focusing on the deconstruction of products and critically analysing consumer journeys, both of my final year projects have been designed with the user at the core. I believe that innovation drives progress and results in enhanced consumer experiences.

Working as a designer in the Innovation Team at Nestlé within the confectionery market sector, during my placement year, proved invaluable for me to gain knowledge within this fast-moving consumer goods environment. As a driven designer with a forward thinking mindset, I am always looking out for the next desirable product innovation.

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NEXUS is a highly functional magnetic storage and kitchen utensil set which aims to enhance fundamental product practicalities through a range defined by utility.

Named NEXUS to describe the seamless magnetic connection between the utensils and storage component, as well as the enhanced relationship between the user and their kitchen products, this innovation comprises many design details.

The magnetic bar component sits neatly on a kitchen wall, complemented by a set of four optimised kitchen utensils, which lock in place but release effortlessly from their allocated location. Aided by the minimal extruded details on the bar component, the utensils are positioned, with equal spacing, to increase natural air flow. Applying a simple key-hole mechanism enables the magnetic bar and protective silicone sheet to be fully removed, when required, for cleaning.

In order to reduce surface contact, the cooking tools and serving implements feature raised heads, eliminating the need for a utensil rest. The ridge on the base of the handle, which can be rested on the edge of cookware, also increases hygiene control levels in the kitchen. Both of these features have been implemented to offer an enhanced cooking experience whilst reducing cross contamination, as well as minimising work surface mess.


VITAL is a contemporary and stylish wash bag which focuses on transporting consumers’ everyday toiletry essentials; no liquids or single-use plastics are used.

Toiletries are a large contributor to the 5.5 billion plastic bottles that escape recycling each year within the UK and form a part of the 80% of ocean plastics worldwide. Designing towards an environmentally friendly future was therefore a major and significant objective.

Capitalising from the developing market trend of solid personal care products, the bag comprises solid form sticks constructed from cold pressed toiletries, including toothpaste, shampoo and deodorant. This traditional approach, paired with a bamboo toothbrush, eliminates the need for any packaging by using designated product slots within the bag. The concentrated items provide users with a smaller product, for an increased usage, resulting in a compact and neat travel pack.

VITAL can be kept fresh due to the easily cleaned, removable and breathable materials used. The bag can be completely separated and wiped clean thoroughly in order to maintain product longevity and hygiene levels. Business trips and short stays have never been made so simple, allowing the consumer to positively contribute to climate change without a compromise in performance.

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